Richard Savann

Game Designer Laval, Canada

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Richard has been working on online multiplayer games for more than 6 years. Holding a bachelor's degree in 3D Animation and Design, he started his career as a game designer and later quickly specialized in game balancing. Since his childhood, Richard has been playing mostly multiplayer video games which ranged from MMORPG, to traditional FPS to fighting games. Outside of work, he's an active breaker in the scene of Montreal, a passion that helps him reflect on his design approach, and occasionally works on board games, one having been nominated in the top 10 at the Plateau d'or in 2017.

Fun Facts:

  • I worked part-time at a grill room as an assistant-cook for 6 years.
  • I volunteered/attended many kind of events related to the game industry like the IGDA, MIGS, Gameplayspace, NAD workshops and many more.
  • I’m part of a Breaking Crew named Stylz Corrupt (est. 2008) since late 2017.
  • Every year, I travel to at least one destination outside of Canada.

Main Goals:

  • Keep track of the video games, board games and game technology advances every year
  • Refine my fundamentals in Game Design & Dance


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