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Engage enemies with experience and face your past disabilities through your worst nightmares.

Meta Warrior is a thriller beat’em up that features Andrei, Cold War Veteran, who still fights within his dark past.


  • Explore how violence can lead to further consequences in the game with an intriguing storyline
  • Encounter foes with animalistic and bizarre behaviours who will challenge your path
  • Be aware of your surroundings which will follow you psychologically throughout your game experience
  • Feel overpowered and heavy while constantly engaging your enemies with amazing abilities
  • Enjoy mixing combos to different actions while getting used to our modern combat system

Context: Andrei, a spetsnaz, got tortured mentally during Cold War. In Montreal (Real City), he wants to find the source of the psychic driving studies that made him schizophrenic. In 20XX, he’s searching for answers and for the day where he could finally find the source of his problems. Montreal is the main location where the experiments occurred and it was funded by the CIA in Canada. It still grows within real city till this day. Andrei has no choice in his old age to fight anyone in his way while suffering from his symptoms. He needs to find those who pursued and advanced the studies of Dr. D. E. Cameron.

Inspirations: Inspired by so many references like Sin City, Akira and Double Dragon, we wanted to create a modern experience for the player while adding cinematographic elements and arcade style gameplay.


Game Designer/Level Designer


Personal (2014)




Indie/Student Project