No Way Out

No Way Out – Teaser

Early Concept from District Ware

Loading Screen/Game Rules


In 15 minutes, the island is getting nuked, 5 teams of 3 players have to fight their way out, only one team will escape!

No Way Out is a free to play multiplayer online strategy-action game based on teamplay and quick reaction.

Main Tasks:

  • Develop the Game Design Concepts and communicate them to the team
  • Elaborate the mechanics, different elements of gameplay and structure
  • Work with the level designer to rationalize/conceptualize the levels
  • Suggest and offer advice for the monetization system
  • Design new abilities, items and characters with the directors
  • Playtest gameplay elements and review the game flow


Game Designer


Vandal Games/Districtware (2015)


Closed Beta July 15


Video Game