Wraith Time

Highlights from recent Build with A.I.

Highlights from 2 to 4 Players during the Global Game Jam

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2 Players

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Game created during Montreal Game Jam 2016. It is a local multiplayer party game where each player is a wraith that must survive by leeching the energy of the human who dared summon them. Every Wraith have a limited amount of energy at their disposal that diminish rapidly over time.

Player can use special boost ability that allow them to attack another wraith, but at the cost of greater energy consuming. The goal of the game is to be the last remaining wraith in the level.

The game can only be played with Xbox controller and with a minimum of 2 player. It can be played up to 4 player.


Game Designer/Level Designer


Global Game Jam (2016)


January 31 2016