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The core experience is to make people of any age participate into the exploration of a specific location in Montreal and make them collaborate through puzzles. All of those combined efforts are for a common goal which is free Watson. You can test this experience in this simulation game.


Movement: “W/A/S/D”
Run: “Shift + WASD”
Jump: “Space”
Interact with Watson: “E"
Quit Watson interaction: "ESC”
Quit GAME: “F4”

Team: Norsfell

Tommy Sirois (Prog)
Benjamin Jouan (Prog/Consultant)
Mari Casado (Artist)
Richard Savann (Designer)
Nicolas Chatelin (Sound Designer)

Core Experience:

The player will explore a game space to solve puzzles in the first person view. Puzzles are transmitted via Watson stations available outside in the game space. Each station has a Watson AI (By IBM/Bluemix) and showcases the required puzzle to solve. Player will need to solve puzzles to progress and reach the end of the experience. For example, player can ask about the place or the answer related to the puzzles for hints. Afterwards, players need to find the related object (installation/projection) of the puzzle and needs to give the right answer to the designated Watson station. Finally, if an answer is approved, the affected station shuts down and if all stations are shutdown, the victory will be announced and a show of light will appear.

Answers to the Puzzles:

  • Find the purple code of spectacle: 101323301
  • Find the yellow code of quartier: 20342110
  • Find the blue code of the fountain: 311
  • Find the pink code of the lights: 2321
  • Find the red of jeu: 362


Game Designer/Level Designer


Jam Nations (2017)


February 2017


Game Jam