All-Star Troopers

Teaser Trailer


Time to lead the ultimate battle through space in the new action-packed strategy game, All-Star Troopers!

Fight across the galaxy to defeat the evil Wolf Empire, challenge other players in online battles, promote a roster of unique heroes, build bases with strong defenses and climb the ranks to reach a new planet every week!

Do you have what it takes, Commander?

Play with millions of other players, raid thousands of enemy bases
Reach new planets filled with exclusive content every 7 days
Combine countless Skills to plan unique battle strategies
Build your Spaceship and upgrade your Base against attacks
Fight against the evil Wolf Empire in an eventful Campaign
Earn crates to unlock Troopers, collect cards to promote them
All-Star Troopers is available in English and French!

Note: this game requires an internet connection.

Main Tasks:

  • Game Balancing/Simulations
  • Game Design Documentation
  • QA


Game Design/Economy Game Design


Norsfell (2018)